Saturday, November 21, 2009

Back once again (for the renegade master)

Don't know what happened to me, I found countless blogs and forums to read and have deeply been neglecting this little champ.

Progress in my life has been fantastic, I'm a new hot babe some might say.
In terms of personal design (or lack of) I have put together a little baba of my own that I hope to release early next year once I've gathered all the information and people I need for it. I'm 100% on it and I hope the people I want involved in it (only the best!) will be on it too.

For now I have just been inspired by many people/things/websites/love.

Oh hai! I fucking love you.

Oh it's me!
I've grown, I've loved, I've learnt, I've longed, I've cried, I've given, I've taken, I've thanked.

Whenever I want to just 'fuck the world' I listen to this album, it's raw, it's fun, it's thought provoking, it's slightly border lining on metalism (is that even a word?) but above all else when I'm in this mood I'd rather just sit and listen to this then 'smash things up' and cry.

I hope and pray that I'm this cool when I'm older, having fun with my bud and just loving my life.