Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I clearly love Vivenne Westwood I don't know anyone who doesn't admire her as a person and as a style icon. Buuuut, I really do love Pamela Anderson, For one she was married to Tommy Lee (I <3 him) and secondly I saw her on 'MTV Cribs' a while back and her little beach house is gorgeous, all white french vintage furniture and roses everywhere it was so tasteful and gorgeous!

I just joined the Girls Aloud fanclub on livejournal lolz.

I am also redecorating my room and looking for a good patterned bit of wallpaper to cover one side of my walls.

My Mum doesn't like this one but I like it quite a bit.

WOW. I absolutely love this, reminds me of Pammy's house. Gorgeous!

A few little pictures I've seen whilst surfing around today.

eveline tarunadjaja, so cute.

This is probably my favourite photo ever it's so cute.
Really awesome film too!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Every Now and then I fall apart.

And I need you more tonight, I need you more than ever!

Probably, one of my favourite songs of all time, I am particular fond of the way the wedding singer sings it in the film 'Old Skool' Brilliant.


Haven't had time to do anything this week but work bit disappointed with myself but at least i get the dolla.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I want everything.

I've been in London all weekend, Went to the Tate Modern yesterday. Pretty much fell in love with these;

From Cy Twombly

I love how art can be so untidy and messy but still so inspiring.

Zoe Leonard born 1961
Carnivores 1992-7

Photograph on paper
image: 561 x 381 mm support: 605 x 439 mm frame: 689 x 520 x 39 mm
on paper, print

Purchased using funds provided by the 2005 Outset / Frieze Art Fair Fund to benefit the Tate Collection 2006

Liked this alot too. I could spend hours walking around this place as well as other galleries. Bit bummed I don't live in London!

Amongst all the fun Fran (my sister) and I read on a facebook status of all places that our P.E teacher died...
R.I.P Andy Sibson.
Also, My old school teacher died of a heart attack yesterday morning, even though I left school six years ago now I still have very fond memories of him. He was the kind of teacher you could talk to about anything and have a massive laughs laughs with him. I also know his son, Luke and I just want to say that my thoughts are with you and your family. Mr. Sibson (Sounds so odd calling him Andy!) would of been 52 tomorrow! Which is even more painstaking. First death (Who I personally know) of the year. God bless you.


Thursday, January 15, 2009


I think my biggest inspiration is myself...Sounds bit cheesy/self-centered/narcissistic etc. But think about it, Who do you owe your life to except your parents...YOURSELF.

Who is the only one that can help you through life and make you conquer your dreams...YOURSELF.

Either I'm on a power hype of too much hot chocolate and cookies or I'm an absolute skitzo that has two people living her life. But, seriously though, I believe that we are not going to get anywhere in our lives if we don't put the effort in ourselves to strive at being the best...I know I'm clearly just stating the obvious there but I've only come to grips with being comfortable within myself and having the ability to say that myself and my work is good.

To celebrate this well known fact I am considering on purchasing...

purely just for the bambi inspired packaging, too cute!

I feel like I am going insane today.
I've literally been on my laptop since 10am this morning, with the odd break to pee/eat/walk puppy/exercise (didn't take long)/shower/clean up.

I've been doing a website for my first ever paying client. I feel bit mean taking money of him as he is a dear old friend but my Daddy said that I'll get no where if I don't abuse my services...He's only right.

I have always been doing mine, which will be completed very soon.
I love being a hermit geek.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Politics is no Superman after all.

Use Somebody.

For some reason I am absolutely besotted by this picture, I think it shows and reflects alot even if it is just a simple picture of the back of a males head in bed. I just really like it.

Ten days into 2009 and I've already cried. I wanted to list the things I did on the days I did them. Like a memo of good and sad things that happen.


Oh! And also I'm I crazy to buy this,

I think it's fabulous and a saving of 20 odd pounds. (£55 to £30)
Decisions, decision.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Birds Flew



I had to change the name as bloodmoney.co.uk was already taken, bit annoying but at least I can line 'birds flew' with pictures of sparrows and owls (my two favourite animals)

Today was pretty average, Is it sad to be excited to go back to work? I think I crave attention from people way to much and work gives me that power...


Spent that past hour on dafont.com I remember when I was at University and we created our own. That was fun, might try and get back into that.

So, more time spent on Urban Outfitters...

£32 now down to £4.99 I don't really like it that much but for £4.99 can't go wrong.

£38 down to £19.99, I'm probably just looking/buying these for the sake of it. HA!

OH! and also, vote for my friend, HERE! I don't know who the girl is but my friend took the picture and this girl is hot!

Are you ready?

'Cause I am.

Urban outfitters is having a sale and it's so exciting.

They were £99 now down to £69...tempting.

Was £65 now, £.4.99...That cannot be right?!

I pretty much haven't moved away from my desk for two days, playing scrabble on facebook and creating this blood money: portfolio (domain name coming soon) it's pretty shoddy at the moment but at least it's up there.

I'm so excited about this year, I'm not going to allow myself get knocked down or in any stupid situations.

blood money: portfolio
blood money: portfolio
blood money: portfolio
blood money: portfolio
blood money: portfolio
blood money: portfolio
blood money: portfolio

Saturday, January 03, 2009

I kissed a girl and I liked it

Has been going around my head for days and days and days.
I do love Katy Perry though,

More the looks then the songs.

I'm thinking about getting a drastic hair cut, maybe half my head shaved?
I want 09 to be an awesome one, i want to do awesome things.
trouble is i think my mama might cry.

Talking about mama you can get this at mama san in brighton.