Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I clearly love Vivenne Westwood I don't know anyone who doesn't admire her as a person and as a style icon. Buuuut, I really do love Pamela Anderson, For one she was married to Tommy Lee (I <3 him) and secondly I saw her on 'MTV Cribs' a while back and her little beach house is gorgeous, all white french vintage furniture and roses everywhere it was so tasteful and gorgeous!

I just joined the Girls Aloud fanclub on livejournal lolz.

I am also redecorating my room and looking for a good patterned bit of wallpaper to cover one side of my walls.

My Mum doesn't like this one but I like it quite a bit.

WOW. I absolutely love this, reminds me of Pammy's house. Gorgeous!

A few little pictures I've seen whilst surfing around today.

eveline tarunadjaja, so cute.

This is probably my favourite photo ever it's so cute.
Really awesome film too!

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