Friday, February 06, 2009

I can't wait to see you again...

I cannot get Miley Cyrus out of my head and I'm not sure where she appeared from, because I haven't listened to it since being at my friends house who is obsessed with her and Hannah Montana...Oh well, there could be worse songs stuck in your head.

Does Rose wine go off? I opened it a couple of weeks ago, it's a screw top and I've barely had a glass from it...I'm not sure whether to take it on my adventure of not.

My adventure being a trip to Bath, My friend Ross has his birthday coming up next week but as he will be at University next week we have decided to go up tomorrow, it's supposed to snow so I am hoping we will get stuck so I don't have to come back to work. HA. It's going to break the bank but we all need a little road trip of fun sometimes!

Diane Arubus, 1967.
I saw identical twins at work the other day and it totally creeped me out, they were wearing the same clothes, they smiled at the same time, walked around each other...argh, it was really really creepy. I think I might have a phobia of identical twins? Dear lord please do not let me have identical twins when I'm settled and in love.
So, Valentines draws closer...It isn't and never has been a big holiday for me. I had a 'Valentine' a couple of years ago and even though we were on the downfall anyway lolz, it just made us argue more, as he loved the idea of Valentines and I wasn't it's biggest fan...I personally didn't want to go to London, Go the the Zoo then go to a show...(although that does sound quite appealing now!) just 'cause it was some day were you were supposed to show love and cheer. BLAH. Well, at the end of the day I think it's a waste of time, money it's waaaaaaaaaay too hyped and I don't like it. Maybe I'm just bitter? Maybe I just never care enough for stupid things like that...*** If I got a card like this I'd probably be sick on whoever gave it too me, How absolutely stupid...I just don't think you need a card to show that you care, you wouldn't be with the person if you didn't care...I really want to find someone who is as anti Valentines day as I am....RANT OVER.

Things I am currently loving.

- Manson interviews on you tube, he tries hard not to laugh and look normal! but we all know you are Mr.Manson.
- Joan Rivers swearing on Loose Women.

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