Wednesday, February 25, 2009

High Order!

Pimping out my main man Sean.
I've been friends with Sean since school (Av. 7 years)
We always shared a passion for photography, media, fashion, writing.
And Sean has finally hit the nail and created a fantastic blog of packed information...reviewing, bmxing, etc etc.

I got his stickers through this morning.

Check it out.

I might go on a midnight stroll tonight and do some taggage around my area.
Even if Sean wasn't my friend I would still support this blog, the Photography is outstanding & inspirational.

So, After having the worst day of '09 yesterday. Self Assessment and Self Loathing is NEVER a good thing.
I have decided to be more focused...I know I wrote a blog explaining this in January but it's hard when you try and then you don't think you're good enough.

Anyways, If I'm not working I'm doing a pitch for the Pleisure Garden Festial on 4th March.
Still designing concepts for that.

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