Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I should probably get off online shopping sites....

Because I want most things I see and either end up pining for them and getting upset that I can't buy them (I actually do get upset! not to the point of tears but I do start thinking that I'm a scrag) or I end up buying them and become broke!

What I have my eye on this evening:

I always take out a big bag when I go clubbing and my friends always take the piss out of it HA so, this would be big enough to fit all my shit in but small enough to be normal with., £38.

I love birds and I love knickers., £8., £16.

So don't know if I've informed the blogspot world of my little idea for setting up a mini empire of tees, badges and totes?! I've wanted to do this for about three years now, I asked one friend, she was up for it, but we never ever got round to doing any designs or thinking of anything together, then myself and my friend from uni came up with 'make love not war' discussed a few designs and unfortunately that's as far as it went. Now with Spasia who has had a similar background to me in terms of design (Went to University and quit, wanting to set up a mini empire but had no one to do it with) we've created 'The End' and I am SO excited to be doing this, especially with Spasia who is a fantastic artist. We are both hoping this is going to bring in some recognition and £££ we do realise that we can't just jump into this and alot of planning and researching needs to be done...!

Here are some really quick designs that I've done.

(Illustration by Spasia)

Also, Don't think I mentioned that I am getting highly involved in this mini festival that was successful last year in Eastbourne that it has appeared back...

I am doing some flyer designs and web design for it as no one else seems to be interested in that side of things! I have done a few ideas already and I am meeting up with one of the girls who is organising it next week to get some solid colour scheming, sizing, fonts, information etc. down and ready to create! I am not getting paid for it but I'm sure this will boost my recognition and will it will give me something to portray on my portfolio.

I really like this concept of having the 'garden like' vines in the background.
I think it works well with the white writing but I am not sure whether to have it embossed or just leave it flat?

I haven't cried in ages but this makes me really close to crying.
I prefer it to the girls aloud version! Even though I've been told that musical it's a shocker but I am not musical so...


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