Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some handy e-mail hints - London Fashion Week - Deer Brains - Recruitment Agency

I keep getting text messages from a Recruitment agency and I'm pretty sure that's not the best way to go about it? He sends me through e-mails as well. I am super grateful to have people wanting me to work for them but I've already said I don't want to work in Worthing/Brighton and that I've got 3 paid jobs already...Yet the texts and e-mails still come through.

Had a busy week last week as Street Casuals was launching the new Hundreds tees so was making full use of my e-mail account as well as grouping up advertisements and sorting out competitions with some cool magazines and blogs. Keep an eye out for all that here.

We (Deer Brains) were very kindly given tickets by Jess from Wearesocial on behalf of Vitamin Water to a show at London Fashion Week which will be up on the blog soon. Gorgeous clothes, excited to see how it went. Richard was in the press section of Marios Schwab show so it should be full of great pictures and gossip. We also had an invitation to Alex Noble who has design Ga Ga garments! No one could cover that though which is a shame but it's all good.

We also had an invite from PUSH PR to Jasper Gavida who's designs I love. Read about what went on here. Also, Hannah from PUSH PR invited us to Love Art Wear Art which is Nicole Le Grange's footwear range. Read more here.

Quite enjoyed reading this, as someone who has 6 important e-mail addresses this was a helpful way to making the most out of my replies. To be honest I do most of them anyways but it's a good read and the 99% website is good on the whole so have a peep.
Courtesy of 99%

Pictures from the week.

Victate Clothing

Blogged these babes over on SOFIDONUTS

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cupcakes & T-shirts

Hey Chums, me again. Just a quickie to tell you about a few things.

My lovely little work mate and friend since we were about 8...Lindsay made some cute cupcakes the other day and brought one into work for me. Please excuse my tired, worked out face in these pictures, also whoopsie for them being a little bashed up - was in my tote bag all day!

They were so nice, I hope Lindsay makes some more so she can bring them to me - serious.

New drops over on Street Casuals - Currently being The Hundreds Spring T-shirt collection which I am really bloody lovin' I'm such a fella when it comes to t-shirts love them!

I am also currently fighting a cold, sneezing and coughing galore but still I gotta fight fight fight fight fight for this...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

January - February News

I had a very good January indeed. Meeting with Brighton Fashion Week's editor and director as well as stylist, tv man and a few others went swimmingly - very happy to be a part of such a cute team. First event was the Frexient party where I met an old chum Sam Hiscox, who is our street style photographer. Good OH! To be honest (brutually honest) the party itself wasn't what I was expecting, although seeing Dan dance with alot of hen do esque ladies was a highlight I must say, I suppose it's all just networking no? Was nice to meet the TV girls and bloggers etc.

Since then we've had a very successful competition with Beauty UK Cosmetics which has literally just ended (6pm) sorry, should of written this sooner aye?
Which has gained us over 500 followers which is obviously a massive result so big ups to BUKC and well, me! ;)

In other news got a little cheeky Valentines Day card from Ben Normanton who does some amazing AMAZING artwork and illustration which you can check right here. Also, got a nice 'fuck da police' (lolz) t-shirt from Sam which my parents hate...score! BTW you can get the shirt cheaper here if you want.

I also now work for a street wear company called Street Casuals as Head of their communications (PR and Social Media). I got a little cheeky call from Miss. Sofi Nowell and bam, it's all mine ♥ I'm really grateful for it as I was starting to regret quitting Tescos as the extra money on top of my marketing job was handy, so big cheers goes to Sof. If you're reading this and you'd like to receive our press releases, information, packages or samples then please e-mail and I'll get back to you ASAP

Marketing job is still good, has it's moments - We hopefully have some really good stuff coming up soon so all in all a good show!

Don't Panic are giving me more little projects too - not sure if I'm allowed to talk about the next one but it should be fun researching and doing work into it.

What else? What else?...OH YEAH! I only bloody bought a macbook didn't I?! Literally the best purchase ever - had to borrow £120 off my rents but it's ALL mine. Gorgeous. How the hell I ever spent about 10 years of my life with a PC I will never know, seriously if you're considering buying a computer a macbook is definatly the one...TRUST me on this.

Well, not much else so I will leave you with my weekly pictures.

This is from a girl call Sarah Cass which I put on Deer Brains earlier today, how super cute is her work? So colourful and vibrant I love it.