Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's time...

2012 is going to be rad I can feel it.

Already lined up a holiday in April.
Lined up a new client - whos clothing I adore.
Spent the last part of 2011 saving for my tax/holiday money/whatever I want.

I know that last part probably sounds like any normal person but I've never been able to save in my entire life! I'm almost to a grand and my credit card is completely wiped (again always been shit with that) just feels good to know that I'm finally putting away a decent amount each month. Also, good to know that the money I'm saving I'm not missing throughout the month. I guess as I'm freelance I get paid at random times (12th of the month, end of the month and every week) I'm not paying for any travel and barely paying for any food. Saying that I am paying some rent to the 'rents (ahem), phone (which is hefty 'cause I have to use it for work a lot), insurance for macbook and phone etc etc etc.

Went to London weekend just gone. Went to Soulwamas. Not sure if it's my age (I'm 24) or what but I was fucking over it before it even began. The music was good it was just the people. Proper little wankers pilled up bumping into me and even worse thrusting themselves up against me, had to get angry with one of them and tell him where to stick it.

Even though I had 4 mango vodkas and diet lemonade, a shot of Sambuca and two pints of Cider I still remained relatively sober...Weird huh? Maybe because I wasn't feeling the evening I didn't get drunk? Who knows.

I came back on the Sunday and spent the WHOLE of my train journey looking for a flat in London. I'm thinking a limit of all incl. for £600 would do. Again, travel wouldn't be needed as I'll be working from home. Obviously I would need to travel somewhere at some point but I'm thinking of living in or around Fulham to be close to my Sister. I saw a real cute place, with three other girls who are sociable but like a chiller by themselves too for £450 all incl. in Fulham...I contacted the former flatmate and she told me the place had gone - super gutted...In hindsight I think seeing what my tax amount is going to be and going on a couple of holiday's next year would be a lot better then moving up and rushing about straight away...I can always visit!

I honestly wish everyone the best success, happiness and 2012 fun times. 2011 has been good to be and it's been bad to me but what's the rough without the smooth aye?


My gorgeous friend Lailah sent me this! xxx

Mango vodka!