Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dream Land '11

This week has been totally weird, the first half I was on some sort of epihany kick and the second half I've just become really tired and forgetful - what I'm I talking about again? Oh yeah, errrmmm...So this week as seen myself doing what I seem to do best at the moment - work, crazy huh? A few years ago all I was doing was drinking.

I've seemed to of curated an obsession with Onion Rings (Cheers Ben!) and have started planning out something that could be super super exciting involving Macbeth, Deer Brains and Lazy Oaf - that will all be revealed as if and when it happens.

I've completely fallen in love with Superga's after getting a press release through from Glenn to put on Deer Brains - amazing aren't they? Modelled by Alexa Chung who tbh I think is a massive nob but it's the product we are talking about here and I am KEEN as a BEAN on getting a pair...Really really REALLY want a pair of the Libery x Nike sneakers too, I'm not a sneaker girl but the prints are so dope I cannot resist - £78 but def £78 well spent dontcha think?

I've also been in a flap about Birthday I've got four in a week and Mother's Day - I'm on the keeno poor as well after shedding out for a SLR Canon. However, I'm still with money but I know what I'm like a trip to Asda for lunch turns into a 20 quid spending spree on a sarnie, magazines, belvitas, shampoo and snackajacks, how?

I'm perving on again - I just can't help myself. However, everytime I go and click 'Women' it goes to men...Is anyone else having this problem?

This week's pictures:

Puppy love - been by my side most of the week.

I paid £13 for these - I am insane.

I hate you Ben Loom

Before a night out babez

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A lot can happen in a week let's just say that...

My Birthday was good, everyone was really kind and I got some amazing gifts, 'specially Bambi on DVD and this Owl necklace that one of my bessie's got me, it's amazing I think it's my favourite gift it's so cute.

We went to Southbank where Mr Matt Miller and his pal Matt joined us, dope, you literally couldn't meet a nicer person and I'm very happy to call him my pal a real life pal now too lol...then on to the 02 which was a massive mission but as we were nice and drunk we had fun travelling along to it - even the trip home was fun! There really is nothing better then getting home at 6am putting on your pjs, having a chicken burger and chips and then having a fag! I felt fine the next day just really tired. There was an absolute MARE with the club but can't really be bothered to explain and we got our tab cleared and my sister and her friend Tamryn got a free lift home worth £60 - cheers!

So, I've managed to get my hand on two of those ASOS' £20 vouchers and I have absolutely no idea what to buy, I don't mind ASOS as a shop but there's soooo much on it that I give up half way through so if anyone has any suggestions for me that would be great!

I'm crushing on Zara at the moment, which is quite funny actually as I'm not very feminine or girly but their cuts and fabrics are so nice and they have some really nice pieces up on their website at the moment:

Black Studio Dress

Linen Dress


Quilted Jacket

Leopard Print Wash Bag

Gorgeous isn't it?

Week in pictures:

I was watching my No Doubt DVD x

Bambi, isn't that what every 24 year old gets?

Birthday x x x

It's just what Sofi and I do babez


My PJ's don't you just love them? They were a Christmas present from my parents and my Mum just had to tell me that they were from Bon Marche of all freakin' places ha ha! x

Not a massively great picture but it's my Owl necklace from Katie, I love it so much it's so cute <3

We are going out for lunch tomorrow at work and I can't wait, Gringo's is great, nicest chips ever, REAL chicken in a nice bap, loads of salad and all for about £5 - so good.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Today's my Birthday and I get one every year...

So, today I am 24. I feel pretty good for it as I feel like I've progressed with my life in the past year. I'm more happier than I've ever been and I'm stronger and more positive which is always an amazing thing. Birthday's make me laugh because I get Facebook messages, texts and calls from people who haven't spoken to me in so long - nice though I guess :) must admit there's some people who've written on my wall and I've kinda forgot about them - you know old school chums and alike.

I am off to London on Saturday with 25 chums to Proud2 - It's going to be pretty hectic rounding up the troupes I can feel it but should be good. Managed to bag VIP and free entry from lovely Yanina over at Big eyes, little soles xx I can't wait will be a good break from work! Also, hope to meet Matt and Tom.

Been doing the usual, nothing out of the ordinary - looking after Rory, he's a nightmare. He barks at all the animals on the TV, apparently the cure is to spray lemon juice in his face but surely that's not right? Does anyone know how to prevent such a naughty dog so I can watch Animal Park and Lion World?!

I bought some super duper items from a Charity store on Tuesday - went out to get my prescription pills and came back with a coat and a really nice cardie and some other bits.

My lovely long hair got BUTCHERED...

Now I'm going to be ugly for my birthday :(