Thursday, March 17, 2011

A lot can happen in a week let's just say that...

My Birthday was good, everyone was really kind and I got some amazing gifts, 'specially Bambi on DVD and this Owl necklace that one of my bessie's got me, it's amazing I think it's my favourite gift it's so cute.

We went to Southbank where Mr Matt Miller and his pal Matt joined us, dope, you literally couldn't meet a nicer person and I'm very happy to call him my pal a real life pal now too lol...then on to the 02 which was a massive mission but as we were nice and drunk we had fun travelling along to it - even the trip home was fun! There really is nothing better then getting home at 6am putting on your pjs, having a chicken burger and chips and then having a fag! I felt fine the next day just really tired. There was an absolute MARE with the club but can't really be bothered to explain and we got our tab cleared and my sister and her friend Tamryn got a free lift home worth £60 - cheers!

So, I've managed to get my hand on two of those ASOS' £20 vouchers and I have absolutely no idea what to buy, I don't mind ASOS as a shop but there's soooo much on it that I give up half way through so if anyone has any suggestions for me that would be great!

I'm crushing on Zara at the moment, which is quite funny actually as I'm not very feminine or girly but their cuts and fabrics are so nice and they have some really nice pieces up on their website at the moment:

Black Studio Dress

Linen Dress


Quilted Jacket

Leopard Print Wash Bag

Gorgeous isn't it?

Week in pictures:

I was watching my No Doubt DVD x

Bambi, isn't that what every 24 year old gets?

Birthday x x x

It's just what Sofi and I do babez


My PJ's don't you just love them? They were a Christmas present from my parents and my Mum just had to tell me that they were from Bon Marche of all freakin' places ha ha! x

Not a massively great picture but it's my Owl necklace from Katie, I love it so much it's so cute <3

We are going out for lunch tomorrow at work and I can't wait, Gringo's is great, nicest chips ever, REAL chicken in a nice bap, loads of salad and all for about £5 - so good.

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