Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dream Land '11

This week has been totally weird, the first half I was on some sort of epihany kick and the second half I've just become really tired and forgetful - what I'm I talking about again? Oh yeah, errrmmm...So this week as seen myself doing what I seem to do best at the moment - work, crazy huh? A few years ago all I was doing was drinking.

I've seemed to of curated an obsession with Onion Rings (Cheers Ben!) and have started planning out something that could be super super exciting involving Macbeth, Deer Brains and Lazy Oaf - that will all be revealed as if and when it happens.

I've completely fallen in love with Superga's after getting a press release through from Glenn to put on Deer Brains - amazing aren't they? Modelled by Alexa Chung who tbh I think is a massive nob but it's the product we are talking about here and I am KEEN as a BEAN on getting a pair...Really really REALLY want a pair of the Libery x Nike sneakers too, I'm not a sneaker girl but the prints are so dope I cannot resist - £78 but def £78 well spent dontcha think?

I've also been in a flap about Birthday I've got four in a week and Mother's Day - I'm on the keeno poor as well after shedding out for a SLR Canon. However, I'm still with money but I know what I'm like a trip to Asda for lunch turns into a 20 quid spending spree on a sarnie, magazines, belvitas, shampoo and snackajacks, how?

I'm perving on again - I just can't help myself. However, everytime I go and click 'Women' it goes to men...Is anyone else having this problem?

This week's pictures:

Puppy love - been by my side most of the week.

I paid £13 for these - I am insane.

I hate you Ben Loom

Before a night out babez

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