Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Job prospect #3

Because of the passing of bank holiday I was hoping for a call or an email about the 1000 heads job...I always have my phone on silent as it's a blackberry I can see it flashing red when I get an e-mail or text anyways I put it onto 'normal' and at 9:13am I got a call from another agency for some fashion social media. He said he would forward on some details but hasn't done so yet.

Went to London on Friday night, was so awesome. Just want to be there permanently now.
In other news, got my glasses yesterday not badly priced got 2 pairs for 160 pounds! Also, I watched Kick Ass which I quite enjoyed except for 'Hit Girl' saying 'c***t' filth!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Job prospect #2

So, just got a phone call from a guy from Fuel Recruitment Limited saying he had spotted my CV and my work on Jobsite.com and might have a suitable role for me in Central London.

After having a chat about where I wanted to go (get out of eastbourne/fashion/pr/social media) and what my current work status was he talked about what the job would involve and it's everything I'm doing now plus events like music festivals and gigs for a phone company through the world of 1000 Heads.

He e-mailed me over some details and asked if I was interested to say so and he will pass on my details to the director of the company.

I'm overly excited and overly scared but in a space of a week my life has catapulted me into 'real life' commitments and I cannot wait to start carrying them out.

I honestly can't wait to get the e-mail from the director of 1000 heads and just press on with this. If I'm still in Eastbourne by this time next year I might cry/kill myself.

Anyways time to get some food and go to Tescos...I had a really nice night working there last night, odd.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Life Oh Life

Woke up at 6am to apply for a job in London - Actual dream job it was like it was written for me, experience with fashion and beauty, keen on social media not just for work but for personal use, good sense of eye for design and fashion websites.

I am actually really hoping I get this, I've always ummmed and ahhhed over jobs in London as I don't really have that much cash to commute/stay up there but with this one I just feel that I would make alot more 'effort' to go and one of my best friends landed a dream job yesterday and is going to London for September/October time so I'm sure he wouldn't mind little old me sleeping on the couch for a month? Who knows. I'm not going to think about it untill the e-mail comes IF it comes.

Anyways, did that all through jobsite at 6am (too keen?) and went back to sleep got an e-mail and phonecall from a John Chase recruitment agency saying he has a job that was right up my alley. After a few e-mails establishing that I am particularly interested in Fashion and Beauty PR and stating that my job will hopefully (please lord please) be renewed in September we kind of left it as a 'I will call you on Tuesday next week...It's in Worthing, It's full time...It's an option if I do get dropped from my current job.

Friday night in Brighton has now turned into Friday night in London thanks to We are Social for hooking me up with tickets to a random gig at a bowling alley place ??? Details are too be confirmed but defiantly has to be better than a night out in Eastbourne right?

Another thing (well maybe the only thing) that is really testing my patience at the moment is my face. I know most people who will be reading this will be online 'friends' (lolz) but my skin has been a babe recently after taking tetracycline and a course of the pill but right now today at this moment I have five utter beasts on my face and I've come to realise how mega shit it is. I don't like people being too close to my face, I don't like looking at people when I'm talking, I'm constantly thinking 'they can see this beast' and it's starting to get me down again...I'm 23 like HELLO I should be getting the 'odd spot' which I was for a while now after taking these pills and actually eating a bit better...or to be honest actually eating meals and not just crisps and bananas...anyways, I haven't been stressed out as such but I have been 'worrying' about alot recently and that's probably brought it on.

I think that's about it...toodles. x

Oh actually look how cute my pooch is <3

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

day to day

drunk in london

drunk in london

work outfit (the heart kept me smiling)

I'm going to utilise this blog more. To become everything I said to Nicki on Monday.

Today I was meant to head to London for a meeting with an events promotion company. I'm quite thankful they cancelled as I had the chance to tidy and sort my room out (see post below) as I'm constantly working/active my room got to a shocking state. Ooop. Something that I didn't elaborate on in my last post is this e-mail from my now chum Dan...Back when we were teens we really liked each other and this e-mail was the cutest but funniest thing ever...Isn't it weird how feelings change?

I met up with him with Shahnaz to see The Get Up Kids a couple of months ago and it was amazing! Love both of them dearly....We've made plans to go to Jimmy Eat World in November which should be super fun!

Off to Brighton with a super old friend/work collegue on Friday to go and see We are Scientists...To be honest I'm only going as the lead singer is a babe.com

Do you remember when days were like that?

After one of my meetings got cancelled in London I decided to do the most mundane thing ever and tidy my room...not just general 'shove this here' 'pop this over here' tidying oh no no no! A proper full motion spring or should I say summer clearout.

I found some LOL things along the way. A picture of a drawing I did in SHAPE lesson, a mufti day class picture and the wonders of my diary cira 2000.

This is probably the funniest find of the day. Myself and my best friend Katie draw our 'dream boys' when we were 14 I was a'grunger' Katie was a 'townie' and ours were both very different. Pretty much in love with how cool I was by how much I wanted Julian Cascablancas ♥ what a cool bean. Although I wasn't a massive cool bean as I said 'Spunky punky' But for the general shit it's just proper 'lol' on my behalf and I can't wait to show Katie when I see her next.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where do we go from here?

I feel the need to turn to my online rambling blogsphere to help me decide what to do.
My life the past nine months has been incrediable, I've not only gained my dream job (sort of) I've grown and continued to love and be more confident as a person.

I face the dilema now (maybe) of starting another chapter of my life which weirdly for me seems to always happen in September (splitting up with james, starting a new job, meeting new life long friends etc) my contract with the marketing company I work for ends in then...I'm praying to the God that I will be kept on and I can continue to grow and learn as well as save for greater adventures but if I get released from the job do I take these Interns I've been offered/looking at?

I'm going crazy mind at the moment as I literally do not have the time to go anywhere or do anything fun.

At least I'm saving I suppose?