Tuesday, August 24, 2010

day to day

drunk in london

drunk in london

work outfit (the heart kept me smiling)

I'm going to utilise this blog more. To become everything I said to Nicki on Monday.

Today I was meant to head to London for a meeting with an events promotion company. I'm quite thankful they cancelled as I had the chance to tidy and sort my room out (see post below) as I'm constantly working/active my room got to a shocking state. Ooop. Something that I didn't elaborate on in my last post is this e-mail from my now chum Dan...Back when we were teens we really liked each other and this e-mail was the cutest but funniest thing ever...Isn't it weird how feelings change?

I met up with him with Shahnaz to see The Get Up Kids a couple of months ago and it was amazing! Love both of them dearly....We've made plans to go to Jimmy Eat World in November which should be super fun!

Off to Brighton with a super old friend/work collegue on Friday to go and see We are Scientists...To be honest I'm only going as the lead singer is a babe.com

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