Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Life Oh Life

Woke up at 6am to apply for a job in London - Actual dream job it was like it was written for me, experience with fashion and beauty, keen on social media not just for work but for personal use, good sense of eye for design and fashion websites.

I am actually really hoping I get this, I've always ummmed and ahhhed over jobs in London as I don't really have that much cash to commute/stay up there but with this one I just feel that I would make alot more 'effort' to go and one of my best friends landed a dream job yesterday and is going to London for September/October time so I'm sure he wouldn't mind little old me sleeping on the couch for a month? Who knows. I'm not going to think about it untill the e-mail comes IF it comes.

Anyways, did that all through jobsite at 6am (too keen?) and went back to sleep got an e-mail and phonecall from a John Chase recruitment agency saying he has a job that was right up my alley. After a few e-mails establishing that I am particularly interested in Fashion and Beauty PR and stating that my job will hopefully (please lord please) be renewed in September we kind of left it as a 'I will call you on Tuesday next week...It's in Worthing, It's full time...It's an option if I do get dropped from my current job.

Friday night in Brighton has now turned into Friday night in London thanks to We are Social for hooking me up with tickets to a random gig at a bowling alley place ??? Details are too be confirmed but defiantly has to be better than a night out in Eastbourne right?

Another thing (well maybe the only thing) that is really testing my patience at the moment is my face. I know most people who will be reading this will be online 'friends' (lolz) but my skin has been a babe recently after taking tetracycline and a course of the pill but right now today at this moment I have five utter beasts on my face and I've come to realise how mega shit it is. I don't like people being too close to my face, I don't like looking at people when I'm talking, I'm constantly thinking 'they can see this beast' and it's starting to get me down again...I'm 23 like HELLO I should be getting the 'odd spot' which I was for a while now after taking these pills and actually eating a bit better...or to be honest actually eating meals and not just crisps and bananas...anyways, I haven't been stressed out as such but I have been 'worrying' about alot recently and that's probably brought it on.

I think that's about it...toodles. x

Oh actually look how cute my pooch is <3

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