Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Do you remember when days were like that?

After one of my meetings got cancelled in London I decided to do the most mundane thing ever and tidy my room...not just general 'shove this here' 'pop this over here' tidying oh no no no! A proper full motion spring or should I say summer clearout.

I found some LOL things along the way. A picture of a drawing I did in SHAPE lesson, a mufti day class picture and the wonders of my diary cira 2000.

This is probably the funniest find of the day. Myself and my best friend Katie draw our 'dream boys' when we were 14 I was a'grunger' Katie was a 'townie' and ours were both very different. Pretty much in love with how cool I was by how much I wanted Julian Cascablancas ♥ what a cool bean. Although I wasn't a massive cool bean as I said 'Spunky punky' But for the general shit it's just proper 'lol' on my behalf and I can't wait to show Katie when I see her next.

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