Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's so long ago, I can't remember now where we begin...

I cannot believe it's nearly May already, May, HELLO! I remember Christmas Day so well, thinking about my 2009 whilst munching down my turkey dinner. It's INSANE to think that half the year is nearly over.

Was looking through old school pictures and 2007 seemed to be the year for procrastination and picture taking or documenting my every move. Strange, wish I had a digital camera now, I would take pictures of my most amazing moments so I can remember them forever, but to be fair nothing that exciting happens to me anymore.

I hope things perk up soon.
Life is a bit sucky atm.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Less words more images and a little rant.

So, I've just watched Deborah 13: Servant of God

Deborah Drapper is not like any other British teen. She's 13 years old but she's never heard of Britney Spears or Victoria Beckham.

She has grown up in a deeply Christian family and her parents have tried to make sure her and her ten brothers and sisters have grown up protected from the sins of the outside world.

Deborah is a bright, confident girl who has big ambitions for her life. The film spends a summer with her as she ventures out in to the wider world to see what life is like outside her family. Deborah meets new people giving her the chance to put her beliefs forward to a wider audience.

Deborah 13: Servant of God is an intimate and honest portrayal of a deeply religious and charismatic teenage girl. It raises questions about whether it is better to bring children up away from the glare of celebrity culture and reality TV, to have an altogether different kind of childhood; one where traditional family values and a religious education and upbringing form the foundation stones of family life.

If you know me personally and well then you will know that I am very unsure and unaware of God's presence and motives, I have been bought up as a Roman Catholic, My Grandmother is highly religious and I do enjoy and boggle over the bible, there are just some passages in it then I cant be like 'Yeah, That's why we have a path in life' 'That's 'cause of this and that' And it's really strange!

However,watching this has creeped me out a little. The ending finished with the 13 year old girl crying and stating, 'All my sins have been taken away from me. When Jesus died for me he took away my sins, I've asked Jesus to forgive me, because Jesus has come down and died for me" I'm sorry but she is a 13 year old girl, she hasn't lived she's been stuck in her house for 13 years...I'm not disputing the fact that God isn't real/is real I'm just wondering how and why her parents think that this is a healthy upbringing. Deborah also stated in this that if you have ever lied, stole, cheated or used the Gods name in vain then you're going to go to hell, with murderers and word springs to mind...BRAINWASHED.

you can watch it here.

Anyways, enough of that I am starting to confuse and anger myself. I've been doing a website for my friend Heather, learning flash which is an absolute BITCH and i've been doing lightboxes which I have never done before so, good skill learning there.
Apart from that I've just been working and my parents are decorating my bedroom.

Some images I've been looking at and that have been inspiring me recently.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dear Flash, I STILL hate you.

I never usually get wound up or as angry as this but I am telling you if I was any more angry I would probably kill someone, this is seriously testing my boundaries.
How can one little task prove to be so frustrating?
I know I'm not the best at most things but I do value myself at being good at design programmes and I've always taught myself what to do and how to go about things.
But with Adobe CS4 I might, OH EM GEE.

I downloaded some SWISH thing and it does what I want but doesn't end correctly.
Anyways, I have three weeks to make a website.
Hardly any imagery and right now I'm just stressing.

On the brighter side of things my tickets for Eastbourne Festival Live came today from the lovely Matt with a cheeky postcard which made me smile.

I'm so excited for it.

Also, today at work all I did was do some designs for my Friends Mum for her Cupcake Company and literally played Zuma, Solitaire and Bejewelled for five hours.


Still haven't watched the Apprentice yet, Haven't had time, So SSSHH if you have seen it.
It's first on my list of things to do tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dear Flash, I hate you.

I don't think I've ever been so stressed out in my whole life.
For one, Someone I've taken a fancied to completely stopped talking to me.
For two's (Is that even right?!) I decided to challenge myself and learn adobe flash from scratch with the help of on-line tutorials, however none of them proved to be any help and just stressed me out further.
So, I turn to for some direct help, all I bloody want is an easy transition like this
I created this using flash effect builder but as you can see it turned the image into a horrible bevelled engraved image (I can live with it though) and it unfortunately has 'Unregistered Version' across it.
Anyways, I take a more direct approach on livejournal and this guy has helped me 100%
he talked me through everything and I now have a semi-perfect transition.
I am writing this to calm myself down.

I watched Marley and Me, and about twenty minutes before the end it cuts off.
(It was a copy! SSSSSSHHHH don't tell anyone) so that made me quite enraged too.
I really enjoyed it though.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring a less stressful day!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wasting my life away

So since I've last updated I have had my birthday, I am now an official grandma at the ripe age of 22!
I celebrated it by drinking lots of wine and eating lots of good foods.
As well as going to see FAKE BLOOD at digital in Brighton on the Saturday.
it was brilliant.

I have also accumulated some fabulous vintage books, full of medical drawings, photos and wild life, I will defiantly be creating some collages from them quite excited about it.

Still online shopping and finding BARGAINS.

This is the cutest dress in the world.

I watched Cloverfield the other night...Bit unsure what to think about it. I think the cinematography was excellent but the storyline and the film itself was bit boring really and it just kind of stopped but I guess what more could they do with an alien attacking the city?! lolz