Monday, April 13, 2009

Wasting my life away

So since I've last updated I have had my birthday, I am now an official grandma at the ripe age of 22!
I celebrated it by drinking lots of wine and eating lots of good foods.
As well as going to see FAKE BLOOD at digital in Brighton on the Saturday.
it was brilliant.

I have also accumulated some fabulous vintage books, full of medical drawings, photos and wild life, I will defiantly be creating some collages from them quite excited about it.

Still online shopping and finding BARGAINS.

This is the cutest dress in the world.

I watched Cloverfield the other night...Bit unsure what to think about it. I think the cinematography was excellent but the storyline and the film itself was bit boring really and it just kind of stopped but I guess what more could they do with an alien attacking the city?! lolz

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