Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dear Flash, I hate you.

I don't think I've ever been so stressed out in my whole life.
For one, Someone I've taken a fancied to completely stopped talking to me.
For two's (Is that even right?!) I decided to challenge myself and learn adobe flash from scratch with the help of on-line tutorials, however none of them proved to be any help and just stressed me out further.
So, I turn to for some direct help, all I bloody want is an easy transition like this
I created this using flash effect builder but as you can see it turned the image into a horrible bevelled engraved image (I can live with it though) and it unfortunately has 'Unregistered Version' across it.
Anyways, I take a more direct approach on livejournal and this guy has helped me 100%
he talked me through everything and I now have a semi-perfect transition.
I am writing this to calm myself down.

I watched Marley and Me, and about twenty minutes before the end it cuts off.
(It was a copy! SSSSSSHHHH don't tell anyone) so that made me quite enraged too.
I really enjoyed it though.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring a less stressful day!

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