Thursday, August 26, 2010

Job prospect #2

So, just got a phone call from a guy from Fuel Recruitment Limited saying he had spotted my CV and my work on and might have a suitable role for me in Central London.

After having a chat about where I wanted to go (get out of eastbourne/fashion/pr/social media) and what my current work status was he talked about what the job would involve and it's everything I'm doing now plus events like music festivals and gigs for a phone company through the world of 1000 Heads.

He e-mailed me over some details and asked if I was interested to say so and he will pass on my details to the director of the company.

I'm overly excited and overly scared but in a space of a week my life has catapulted me into 'real life' commitments and I cannot wait to start carrying them out.

I honestly can't wait to get the e-mail from the director of 1000 heads and just press on with this. If I'm still in Eastbourne by this time next year I might cry/kill myself.

Anyways time to get some food and go to Tescos...I had a really nice night working there last night, odd.

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