Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where do we go from here?

I feel the need to turn to my online rambling blogsphere to help me decide what to do.
My life the past nine months has been incrediable, I've not only gained my dream job (sort of) I've grown and continued to love and be more confident as a person.

I face the dilema now (maybe) of starting another chapter of my life which weirdly for me seems to always happen in September (splitting up with james, starting a new job, meeting new life long friends etc) my contract with the marketing company I work for ends in then...I'm praying to the God that I will be kept on and I can continue to grow and learn as well as save for greater adventures but if I get released from the job do I take these Interns I've been offered/looking at?

I'm going crazy mind at the moment as I literally do not have the time to go anywhere or do anything fun.

At least I'm saving I suppose?

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