Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I don't dare to touch your hand...

I'm fed up of people who whine and bitch.
I am 70% guilty of this I must admit but NO more.

I would elaborate on that but like Christopher Biggings (My new favourite celeb!) said 'I just can't be arsed' If you didn't watch Come Dine with Me the other night then you will have no clue what I am on about.

So, What's new? not much, Still going through pitches with the Festival flyers, Slowly but surely getting there. Been working most days to bring in the $$$ I get paid this Friday and I am defiantly hitting up Urban Outfitters and Lady Luck Rules Ok!

I suggest you should all go and listen to Emiliana Torrini she is SWEET!

I fucking love this:

I might buy them all and wear them all at the same time LOLZ

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