Monday, February 09, 2009

I know everyone is chuffed...

But, I think the reunion of Blink 182 is going to be massive. They are one of those bands that I've always liked but never would state on my 'Favourite Music' sections or never thought I would miss but will sell out BIG TIME but I am hoping to get one, would be fucking cool if they played a festival in the U.K this year, HOW EXCITING.

My visit to Bath was absolutely awesome, really was one of the best weekends ever. Everything and everyone was just funny. Maybe it was because I was drunk before 5pm I don't know, but it was just awesome, plus I felt fine the next day! Wonderful.

Was watching White Chapel after work tonight and although I might sound like a twisted sicko for saying this but Jack the Ripper has always interested me, serial killers in general do, I think it's fascinating how people can think like that and be so obsessed with doing it...I remember going to the London Dungeon at the tender age of 12 and absolutely loving it, I walked about on my own for most of it because I found everything really fucking interesting...It's just fucking insane. I blame my Mother she loves reading horror stories! Eeeek.

Mary Jane Kelly, said to be the last one of Jack's brutal killings.

"The body was lying naked in the middle of the bed, the shoulders flat but the axis of the body inclined to the left side of the bed. The head was turned on the left cheek. The left arm was close to the body with the forearm flexed at a right angle and lying across the abdomen.
The right arm was slightly abducted from the body and rested on the mattress. The elbow was bent, the forearm supine with the fingers clenched. The legs were wide apart, the left thigh at right angles to the trunk and the right forming an obtuse angle with the pubes.
The whole of the surface of the abdomen and thighs was removed and the abdominal cavity emptied of its viscera. The breasts were cut off, the arms mutilated by several jagged wounds and the face hacked beyond recognition of the features. The tissues of the neck were severed all round down to the bone.
The viscera were found in various parts viz: the uterus and kidneys with one breast under the head, the other breast by the right foot, the liver between the feet, the intestines by the right side and the spleen by the left side of the body. The flaps removed from the abdomen and thighs were on a table.
The bed clothing at the right corner was saturated with blood, and on the floor beneath was a pool of blood covering about two feet square. The wall by the right side of the bed and in a line with the neck was marked by blood which had struck it in a number of separate splashes.
The face was gashed in all directions, the nose, cheeks, eyebrows, and ears being partly removed. The lips were blanched and cut by several incisions running obliquely down to the chin. There were also numerous cuts extending irregularly across all the features.
The neck was cut through the skin and other tissues right down to the vertebrae, the fifth and sixth being deeply notched. The skin cuts in the front of the neck showed distinct ecchymosis. The air passage was cut at the lower part of the larynx through the cricoid cartilage.
Both breasts were more or less removed by circular incisions, the muscle down to the ribs being attached to the breasts. The intercostals between the fourth, fifth, and sixth ribs were cut through and the contents of the thorax visible through the openings.
The skin and tissues of the abdomen from the costal arch to the pubes were removed in three large flaps. The right thigh was denuded in front to the bone, the flap of skin, including the external organs of generation, and part of the right buttock. The left thigh was stripped of skin fascia, and muscles as far as the knee.
The left calf showed a long gash through skin and tissues to the deep muscles and reaching from the knee to five inches above the ankle. Both arms and forearms had extensive jagged wounds.
The right thumb showed a small superficial incision about one inch long, with extravasation of blood in the skin, and there were several abrasions on the back of the hand moreover showing the same condition.
On opening the thorax it was found that the right lung was minimally adherent by old firm adhesions. The lower part of the lung was broken and torn away. The left lung was intact. It was adherent at the apex and there were a few adhesions over the side. In the substances of the lung there were several nodules of consolidation.
The pericardium was open below and the heart absent. In the abdominal cavity there was some partly digested food of fish and potatoes, and similar food was found in the remains of the stomach attached to the intestines."

So fucked up.


Catherine Eddowes, 2nd victim.

Ah, something a bit more light-hearted I think before I sleep!

Even this creeped me out a little bit, Why the hell I'm I writing this at this time of night?

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