Monday, January 19, 2009

I want everything.

I've been in London all weekend, Went to the Tate Modern yesterday. Pretty much fell in love with these;

From Cy Twombly

I love how art can be so untidy and messy but still so inspiring.

Zoe Leonard born 1961
Carnivores 1992-7

Photograph on paper
image: 561 x 381 mm support: 605 x 439 mm frame: 689 x 520 x 39 mm
on paper, print

Purchased using funds provided by the 2005 Outset / Frieze Art Fair Fund to benefit the Tate Collection 2006

Liked this alot too. I could spend hours walking around this place as well as other galleries. Bit bummed I don't live in London!

Amongst all the fun Fran (my sister) and I read on a facebook status of all places that our P.E teacher died...
R.I.P Andy Sibson.
Also, My old school teacher died of a heart attack yesterday morning, even though I left school six years ago now I still have very fond memories of him. He was the kind of teacher you could talk to about anything and have a massive laughs laughs with him. I also know his son, Luke and I just want to say that my thoughts are with you and your family. Mr. Sibson (Sounds so odd calling him Andy!) would of been 52 tomorrow! Which is even more painstaking. First death (Who I personally know) of the year. God bless you.


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