Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Birds Flew


I had to change the name as was already taken, bit annoying but at least I can line 'birds flew' with pictures of sparrows and owls (my two favourite animals)

Today was pretty average, Is it sad to be excited to go back to work? I think I crave attention from people way to much and work gives me that power...


Spent that past hour on I remember when I was at University and we created our own. That was fun, might try and get back into that.

So, more time spent on Urban Outfitters...

£32 now down to £4.99 I don't really like it that much but for £4.99 can't go wrong.

£38 down to £19.99, I'm probably just looking/buying these for the sake of it. HA!

OH! and also, vote for my friend, HERE! I don't know who the girl is but my friend took the picture and this girl is hot!

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