Thursday, January 15, 2009


I think my biggest inspiration is myself...Sounds bit cheesy/self-centered/narcissistic etc. But think about it, Who do you owe your life to except your parents...YOURSELF.

Who is the only one that can help you through life and make you conquer your dreams...YOURSELF.

Either I'm on a power hype of too much hot chocolate and cookies or I'm an absolute skitzo that has two people living her life. But, seriously though, I believe that we are not going to get anywhere in our lives if we don't put the effort in ourselves to strive at being the best...I know I'm clearly just stating the obvious there but I've only come to grips with being comfortable within myself and having the ability to say that myself and my work is good.

To celebrate this well known fact I am considering on purchasing...

purely just for the bambi inspired packaging, too cute!

I feel like I am going insane today.
I've literally been on my laptop since 10am this morning, with the odd break to pee/eat/walk puppy/exercise (didn't take long)/shower/clean up.

I've been doing a website for my first ever paying client. I feel bit mean taking money of him as he is a dear old friend but my Daddy said that I'll get no where if I don't abuse my services...He's only right.

I have always been doing mine, which will be completed very soon.
I love being a hermit geek.

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