Sunday, January 09, 2011

Out with the old, in with the new

Happy 2011 everyone.
Shall not drone on too much but my year has started super well, I left Tescos in December and I am about to embark on working for Streetcasual and Brighton Fashion Week as well as continuing to do projects for Don't Panic and Stradd and of course my main job working for a marketing company mainly on the quick growing Models Own!
Pretty bloody happy with how working adventures are going at the moment.

So, this year as I worked super hard in 2010 and barely left the house I will be focusing on myself, my body, my soul, my friends, my family, buying things when I need it not just because I want it and becoming (dare I say it) sociable.

For now as Christmas, phone bill (phone calls to Tristan and Ollie), credit card has killed my money situation I am going to make a list of things I need and things I really bloody love:

I love this, I think it's really cute but a little bit sad too. I'm not too sure where I'd put it as it wouldn't really fit in with my bedroom colour scheme however for £12 I may as well get it and save it for when I move into my own flat/house.

I got an iPod given to me by my lovely sister (oh hai babe if you're reading) and well I want some cool earphones to go with the cool ass iPod. So, I am thinking these...I've had my eye on them for a while but never really needed them for anything but well, now I do. I'm not sure whether to get them in silver or gold. What do you think?

I absolutely love candles, always have always will. For a long as I can remember we've always had them burning away in our lounge these ones look gorgeous and are supposed to be rose scented which is one of my favourite smells. Are you a candle fan? Which brand, websites are your favourites?

Some pictures of my week:

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