Sunday, May 01, 2011

What you waiting for?

Past few weeks have been MAD I'm kind of in a love hate relationship with work at the moment - I completely LOVE what I'm doing what I've been passionate about for so long yet I am going slightly mental that I am constantly going at it all the time. I finish one job and start the other and sometimes do three at once - oh well, I spent a year and a half bopping about doing jack shit...

So, Brighton Fashion Week is very soon...about a month away now! How bloody mental is that? I'm rather excited though! I went over on last Thursday to see everyone and meet the new street style photographer and a couple of bloggers that I hadn't met yet and everyone is just so lovely, such a nice feeling to know what you're doing is appreciated - the Ready to Wear show is the main one that I am working on at the moment and it will be on the 4th June at the Corn Exchange featuring Premier Model Management, yes, they did make that Channel 4 show called 'The Model Agency' should be good - you can buy your tickets here and check out the Facebook event here...There are talks from experts (no one is 100% confirmed yet but it will be VERY awesome when/if they are!!!), make overs, things with Nando's happening and loads of other great things.

Street Casuals lookbook is coming out soon, seen some proofs and looks amazing!!! I was very lucky to receive an amazing Dr. Denim shirt and Alkr macbook cover as well.

Went on a lovely 8 mile walk with Katie last Monday. I've said this before I know I'm not fat but I don't think it hurts to shed another stone (lost one since January) I'm not sure if I'm feeling like this because I seem to be constantly around media stories and gorgeous people at the moment so I feel like I want to 'fit in' as this hasn't really ever bothered me or anyone I've been involved with before. I think what it annoying me the most is having this amazing dress that I bought a year ago that was perfecto on my to having it be a bit tight now...probably a bit pathetic as everyone is always gaining through out the year but still, annoying! So ideally another stone would be great. I'm aiming by July to have this whipped down...Kinda makes me a bit sad that I've become so conscious over something that never really bothered me...yet, in the long run I think it would be better for me. I've built up a healthy relationship with belvita biscuits for breakfast, milk, salads, green tea, nettle tea, fruit tea, snack a jacks but if I want that bitchin' bag of onion rings (I hate you Ben Loom) then I will totally dive into that, it's getting that balance of eating what you want but in proportion and exercising it through...

I did such an impulse buy yesterday and bought Snoop Dogg tickets, Can you believe it?! He's playing Brighton Dome next Sunday. So so so excited! It's going to be amazing.

I bought some mad shoes, fucking love them and a white rabbit print - time time WHO'S GOT THE TIMEEEE.


Diet of Ham Salad, Belvita's, Water and Green tea...

Only just got round to reading this, great for inspiration.

Before I went for a meeting with Brighton Fashion Week lovelies - rolling home at 5am after going to Audio....that wasn't planned.
Work by the amazing Eliza Rose Moore who I interviewed for Deer Brains.

Before Katie's Birthday BBQ.

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