Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Healthy Life

Having a week off has been lovely but I've still got so much work to do.
As much as I love the internet it's been good getting off it I must say!

Now, I am not claiming that I am fat in the slightest but I could do with living a healthier lifestyle and toning up, there are moments when I feel like I can feel the actual fat coating my heart...not good right?

So, Yesterday I went shopping and bought some healthy treats; actimel, bananas, rocket, watercress and spinach sald, yougurts, chicken, fish.

Which so far is grating on my stomach but I think it's just because of going from eating crips, chicken and bananas or not eating at all to eating actual good stuff for me.

My sister and I have started going for jogs around the park, which has got me pumped to come home to do our Davina DVD!

However, saying all that here I am eating digestive biscuits and drinking chamoille tea whilst working on this and this.

What are your favourite ways to stay healthy?

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