Saturday, May 08, 2010

Money blown on dem hoes

I've pretty much spent all of my money, lucky for me I should have some freelance payments coming my way in the next few days if not then I just have under £80 for just under 3 weeks...HI MUM AND DAD CAN I BORROW SOME MONEY PLEASE?! I hate doing that but I'm a good daughter and well, I need to travel to and from work...!

I'm casually just sitting here at the moment feeling pretty bloody good, working from home for the make-up brand I'm involved with and testing out my new camera which I got from for half price, hola.

Pretty much love this Brow kit from Benefit, I've recently become pretty obsessed with my eyebrows as I do believe that if you shape and look after them well it frames your whole face perfectly well as perfect as it can be with my rather off beat features.

This comes with:

♥ Brow zings powder (light) 1.10g
♥ Brow zings powder (dark) 1.10g
♥ Brow zings wax 0.90g
♥ Smokin' liner 0.39g
♥ Eye bright 0.90g
♥ Brow highlighter powder 1.10g
♥ Mini tweezers
♥ Hard angle/talent brush
♥ Step-by-step lesson

I really like the Eye bright, I'm terrible I'm awake all night and up at 6/7am most days that I always look really tired and not with it...This really helps to brighten my eyes and look more alert. Once this 'sample' has finished I will defiantly be buying the larger product.

I look like I'm about to be sick.

If you know me well or just briefly know me from catching my tweets you will know I have a little pup pup called Rory who I completely love, he's so much fun and he always keeps me warm and content when I'm lonely (which working from home alot happens!) x

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