Thursday, September 09, 2010

jobs, glasses, party.

This week has been pretty good.
Hanged out and got drunk with some chums on Monday.

Felt pretty dead on Tuesday but got a call back from the Worthing agency. I, again explained my situation and it resulted in us leaving it till I know whether or not my contract is going to be renewed with SCS Marketing at the end of September. He also offered me to partly work from home and partly from the office as I do not live in Worthing...Sounds quite good....And I can finally get out of Tescos's saying that the past two weeks have been quite fun working there. Everoyne is so cute and sweet it's nice...And I guess now I just know 100% that it won't be forever!

I have heard back from the agency that talked to me about working for 1000 heads. He had been on holiday so that is why he didn't get back to me sooner. Unfortunately there are no positions within the company at the moment but they like what they see and have kept me on top records in case a new project crops up in the future.

I'm quite happy with that to be honest, hopefully (mega fingers crossed) I will stay on where I am now and continue to work for make up companies and I believe we are getting a new fashion client! Exciting. I'm also planning on doing a couple of freelance jobs for a fashion line and of course continue with DEERBRAINS so if/when they call again I can show them more of my mad skillz.

Boots told me my glasses would be delivered today...Still not here? I fucking need them now, squinting hard.

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  1. I'm glad that agency finally got back to you.... coulda told you he was going on holiday though! All sounds very positive- I hope you get your contract renewed at SCS x x x x LOVE x