Saturday, November 20, 2010

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I haven't updated this in a while...

So, I've now got my glasses which made me feel like a super geek at first but now it's all good. Just a matter of getting used to them isn't it? My head ons have gone and my mind is focused on work rather then the pain at the back of my brain thinking I have some terrible tumour or something.

All three job prospects that came to me through agencies were not successful, the worthing one was pretty keen but I turned it down as I knew it wouldn't be the right kind of area for me...working on accounts social media isn't really my idea of 'fun' 1000 heads are keeping me on records and I get e-mails from them updating me about various things going on within the job etc. always interesting to read. The other one I can't even remember so can't be that good. Since then I've had a call from an agency for a job in Soho...just turned it down as I am in no financial matter to go zooming off to London.

For Halloween I went to go an see my sister we qued to get into a fancy dress shop what the fuck is that about...we bascially just wore normal clothes and stuck some blood on us...went to Urban Nerds and met Sofi from the Sofidonuts Blog that I contribute too. Sof is the most adorable person I think I've ever met...I felt like a giant next to her cute 5' nothing frame but hey, who really gives a fuck about that. Adorbz

For Bonfire night I met Danny and all his new working pals from his new job. As well as hanging out with Ollie from Black Milk London where I just got quite drunk and from what I remember we didn't see one firework?! It was raining though so that might of been why? I think I'm in love with his cat though it's such a biffa he's amazing!!!

I'm pressing on with my blog Deer Brains which has recruited 5 new babes. Quite excited to see where that's all going to lead to. We've had competitions with Vice and Lazy Oaf recently which has been amazing for us.

Brighton Fashion Week is looking for someone to do some work for them so I've contacted them to see if there is a Social Media/ PR role involved for me...Going through chats with that. Doing some PR for Jelly Pong Pong which Ollie found for me x and hoping to start doing some Social Media for Margin London.

I went to see Deftones Wednesday just gone (17th November) and it was UH-MAZING. I've loved the Deftones ever since school so it was a highlight of my year. I went with my friend Brad who equally loves them but unfortunately had work at 7am the next day we were about to leave when we heard the intro into 'Change' (my fav) so obviously we stayed and then went and got the train after that. Don't mean to be a sap but I can't get over how amazing they were!!! I was so excited. The babes surrounding me was great too hahaha.

Off to see Jimmy Eat World and Minus the Bear with Shahnaz and Dan on Tuesday which should be good. We all went to see The Get Up Kids together a few months ago which was amazing. It's good to have gig buds.

I've been speaking to Tristan alot lately which has been amazing. Although I haven't seen that boy in about 3 years now he will ALWAYS remain my best friend and my favourite person ever. He's super amazing and always kicks me up the ass when I'm being an idiot about myself and about my life. I really love him so much it's ridic. xxxxxx
Think that's it. Will try and update this more regularly but I'm pretty friggin' busy bruv. x

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