Sunday, November 21, 2010

Top Bangin' Beats

I spent most of my time at University listening to the most depressing shit, from Oasis - stop crying your heart out to Foo Fighters - Best of me.

As I've got older I just cannot handle a sad song, i'm emo enough as it is without having a song remind me of a past time, friend, fella, babe, this blog post is dedicated to the bangin' beats that I listen to when I'm thinking about that past time, fella, mare, friend, get me feeling positive again.

tune, i'm sorry but this song is funny and it's one to sway and dance to for a laugh.


probably the only man i will ever be in love with except for mr.roar, tristan and my daddy. uh-mazing!

DOPPPPEEEEE I love love love no doubt and this song is a total pick me upper

keeps me chilled, perfect beat.

reminds me of being at uni with tristan proper going for it on his birthday cracking me up a treat, always makes me want to bump my booty butt. lolz

YES amazing

i could go on forever, five, suicide file, garbage, republica, placebo, n-dubz etc etc.

What are your favourite pick me up songs?

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