Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Past two weeks have been really weird, I've been deeply dismissive and negative and I'm not too sure why...might be my current pill I'm going to see how I am next month but it really was just awful...ho hum things are better now and that's the main thing.

Got a phone call from Vanessa about doing the Brighton Fashion Week social media stuff and I've got a meeting with her and the rest of the team next week. Which I'm pretty excited about she said I sound like I'm the answer to her prayers! Super...Another thing to get stuck into, I think that's why I've been upset recently, same old people(i love my friends&family but ya know)...people I can't see regularly because of distance (tristan, ollie, james, sofi, anna) and just the general mundane life...even though I enjoy my job...I guess it's just the same old nonesense and wondering where all the EXCITING things have gone...I'm I making much sense here I'm I?!!!

I've been enjoying sitting back and chilling out letting things happen naturally for once...I either FORCE things or PUSH things away so it's pretty good and a massive learning curve for me to let people, things, animals, babes just all flow James said to me I can't let myself or anyone else get upset over NOTHING...very positive stance...

I'm pretty excited about Christmas this year, bought some dope gifts and love sharing and giving to my friends and family. Christmas eve is always amazing as we have so much fun (and booze) around Chloe and Ross's house...the midnight strike is always fun singing and being battered...Ahhh <3

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