Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life Oh Life

I have had the best few weeks ever - meeting amazing people, seeing more amazing people and in general pretty high times. Here's some photos from my past few weeks:

I am currently getting myself involved in a project with Don't Panic for Channel 4 a Street Style competition which I feel will be super fun!

Even though spending a lot of time on the internet is my job (and I LOVE it) I feel it's time for me to spend some time away so I am making some big plans to save and go and spend some time with my friend Spasia in New York as well as getting to some other places to see some amazing sights. Let's think about it I'm 25 next year, I haven't been on holiday since 2001 and my current internet (work) obsession is becoming wildly un-healthy. This all sparked when I met a few bloggers in London a couple of weeks back...Why I'm I spending so much time online exchanging links, knowledge, friendships when I can go and hang out with them...Ehhhhh? Good times are a coming and I'm very excited.

Next few weeks are going to be exciting too as I get to spend time with my sister at Wireless and Lovebox and some little exciting projects to further my life. I do hope by the time I'm 25 I've progressed a little further...It is totally time to play as hard as I work, life is literally what you make it and you have to protect, love and cherish yourself as well as everyone you love in it.

Random shiz this week:

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