Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blog me

So, since I was 14 I have been writing about my life online. I used to use - this was somewhat tragic as my brain used to literally spill out, topic of most conversations was alcohol, boys, daydreaming about boys whilst at school, not doing that well at school 'cause all I wanted to do was be online and make websites, my somewhat concerned Mother who I thought at the time was being totally unreasonable and awful to me and about me.

10 years on and I am still blogging and geeking out. Sometimes I feel my best when I'm behind a computer screen - this is always something I've wanted to do and I've said on many occasion that I am overwhelmed by my creative blogs success and I am overwhelmed with people's response to me as a worker and person. I've reached a milestone this year by creating work for myself through freelance and trawling through websites. I'm so proud of where I am at and I only hope that my little ditzy, creative, fun filled, crazy mind continues to bring happiness, love and joy not only into my heart but my soul.

It's not only blogging (PR) that's made me so stoked this year it's the incredible people that I've met and already knew that have opened up my eyes to so many wonderful things.

I used to be quite shy and I used to be such a nervous un-confident wreck - thanks to my friends and my family I've become someone I never really thought I would be - this is turning into some thank you for accepting me speech huh?

A couple of people have noted that I'm 'over sensitive' to life and achievements I can assure you I don't sit in my room crying when I get an e-mail from a rad magazine or blogger for features within work. I am passionate and caring through every aspect of my life and I think that shows willing to succeed and be the best person you can be. I'm struggling with some other stuff and as I've got older I've become more feisty (whoops) but let's face it I was such a puss before...I totally had an anxiety moment last week. I was freaking the fuck out, everything was such a mental mare - nothing to wear (I clearly do, my wardrobe is BULGING with stuff), face was a mare (I'm not the ugliest person in the world!), I couldn't find my phone or wallet which stressed me the fuck out...When I went to meet my bum chum Christine was still freaking out...Does this mean I'm mental and I can't cope with my life?

Anyways, not too sure what the purpose of this is about, like I said a total brain spill for me. I'll probably read back on this in a few weeks and LOL but right now it seems fitting.

Halloween I did jack shit. Went to Chelsea had a chiller, did some shopping (I <3 Spitalfields) ate some food - first Nandos & Hummingbird bakery ever. Saw some babes. Went to see Incubus with Emma the week after. Ahhh Brandon Boyd is still a massive hunk. Hung out with the babes in the Natural History Museum - ate my first ever Subway...Steak and cheese melt, was yum! Went to Brixton for the Fireworks - pretty gnarly.

My friend Lailah saw a Barnes bus and put it on her Instagram. We joked about how we should fill it with babes boys and have a little party.

I saw my little lambies this week which was lovely. It's always good to get out and about and roll around (literally) and be silly. Steph's 25th on Saturday - WOAH.
Winter Wonderland next week, has anyone been? Is it good? Then before we know it my sister is back from Australia and it's fucking Christmas (yes, I needed to add 'fucking' there) dudes. Then the most shit month of the entire year - January...Then a even more pointless time of the month, then my Birthday and PARTY PARTY PARTY (more about that soon) then Summer with no sunshine I bet, then Christmas again. Oh and hopefully time to squezze in NYC and Barcelona - pumped.


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