Sunday, November 06, 2011

Holy shit!

So, no update on my personal life since August huh? Well, I've been stoked on my life for a while now.

Left one of my jobs, was ace, good brands, good people but I was working weekends and it became a depressing chore rather then a fun exciting career move. Bit the bullet and decide to leave. Left on good terms which is always nice, I always seem to leave jobs on good times, maybe 'cause I'm such a nice babe...Who knows.

So, moving on, more hours with Street Casuals and within a few weeks of leaving the marketing company I've joined two new beautiful amazing exciting companies. Free to Be Supreme and Tramp Boutique. I'm totally pumped to start with both companies. So please check them out here and here. I will be in charge of their twitter and Facebook as well as doing their PR - so exciting, I'm such a nerd it's unreal - who would of thought me geeking out at the age of 13 maintaning my No Doubt fan website (NERD!) and blogging on Livejournal would become my career, it's totally unreal.

Part from work which I'm in love with, I've been pumped on social activites - mainly London based fun with the sis, babes and beautiful friends as well as sticking to my roots and hanging with my Eastbourne babes. xxx

I got to see my Tristan again after three years, fucking stoked - was so weird. I spotted him in the kitchen went in and tapped him on the shoulder and it was the raddest feeling we didn't know what to do except for hug and be like HEYYYYY and hug and then run outside for catch ups. He's amazing. I cried when he left though, what fucking loser. xxxxx

Selection of piccies from the past 3 months.

Taking Mr.Roar on a walkie.

Birdworld with Christine. xxx

Pub times with Joanna. xxx

Roar enjoying the sunshine.
Me before Lazy Oaf's press event.
Me being bored in the laundrette.
Old school friend James, haven't seen him in YEARS and Orchie. xxx

Brighton hangtime with Lai. xxx

Danny looking hot to trot. xxx

Tshepo, Olivia and I. xxx

I'm in love with this photograph. xxx


Very random find on the way to the pub with Katie. xxx
WOWIE! xxx
Lai and Luke at Jack's party. xxx

Dead roses at Fran's flat.
Hungover at Raysteade.

Gorgeous painting in the Hollywood.

Jimmy in the station after Deftones. xxx
Tom and I in a pub before Deftones. xxx

Cheers Guy! xxx

Love a roast! xxx

Banksy and MJ in Brighton. xxx

Fran's shoes and mine. xxx

Early Christmas present from my sister. xxx

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