Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pretty busy lady.

So, since I last updated I have gone to London numerous times for Lovebox, Wireless and general activities. Brighton a few times for hang outs, meetings etc. I have also completed the street art summer competition for Don't Panic and successfully carried out the Playgroup Festival project - lovely.

This weekend has been my favourite of them all though, I finally got to see my best friend from University after 3 years. Tears happened and the general 'Oh my god, I can't believe we are here with each other again, i love you" happened a lot...It's so strange to have that feeling of nothing but utter love for someone, someone that I can trust with my life and that if he was pissing me off I can sort him out and vice versa...I don't think there's every really been someone so amazing in my life. We've made a pact to not let it be another 3 years until we see each other...When he left to go home, we cried. So pathetic but hey! That's love for you.

I ended up in Swindon's Great Western Hospital yesterday with Lailah who had unfortunately been stung by a wasp and had to have adrenaline pumped into her and she went into an aphaletic shock, which was super scary but she turned out okay. If we hadn't of called an Ambulance she probably would have died which is insane! Glad little LaLa is okay.

Summer Strawberries.

Batcave at Longleat.

Models Own 'Sophies Pink' and Flying A's glitter.


Dinosaurs in Brighton.

LaLa in Hospital.

Deer at Longleat.


Snacks on the way to Lovebox.

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