Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where have you been? What have you done? I still love you...

Today, after waking up with the sun blasting into my room and my Mother proding me to get up because the builders need to go to my room I decided to return back to my personal blog which is this! Hooooraaaah.

I already have quite a peachy following over at DEER BRAINS which I work on with three chums (Thomas, Sean and Sofi!) but for things that I feel just aren't right for there I shall stick here.

So, Today I bring you my latest wish list items and a re-cap of who I am.

Stephanie Marie Barnes, 23 years old, living in the South of England, working for a make-up company, Fashion Photographer and various other Social Networking campaigns as well as Tescos...Which is dreadful but for 9 hours a week and £7.50 PH I really just can't complain.

I'm stern, I'm honest, I'm driven and I'm capable of anythings which I believe if people really try then you can be too!
Most of the time I just dream of being Dizzee Rascal's girlfriend or maybe Max Barreau's (the choice is hard) and sing along to pop songs.

I found this on my Listography...
Things that shouldn't be done when drunk.

  • phone calls.
  • go online. msn/myspace/email.
  • declare my love for someone i don't even know. and them get wierd about it.
  • text messages. especially five page ones.
  • sharing of secrets.
  • making out with a friend.
  • buying even more alcohol.
  • buying even more cigarettes.
  • attempting to have a decent deep meaningful conversation with someone you work with/see often but rarely speak to.
  • being around anyone sober.
  • dancing like an idiot. well, you think you look great at the time.

Wish List
Even though I have jobs coming out of my butthole I am still mega poor and I love saving for some dope items.

All from Zara Home.

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