Monday, September 07, 2009

Baby, That's just me...

Not much to say except I have finally, almost, nearly, finished creating, designing, making, colour coding, filing and deciding my website! / have a look and let me know what you think. thank you.

job interview on friday for a marketing company doing some web based work for them.

still poor as fuck, pay day and it gets rinsed, the bank stole 50?!?! owed parents, sisters, lovers. fuck.

went to london yesterday to see one of my best friend do the 5k run for the alhzeimers charity, shame we missed her from the starting line to the finishing line as me and her boyfriend were too busy trying to search for cigarettes, see her at the end though and congratulated her, she did it in 38 minutes which is amazing i'm so proud of her. i even shredded a little tear when we were waiting to try and catch her run by us. i saw a t-shirt that had 'in loving memory of liam' was something to do with a baby charity, so sad! so rewarding! and so loving! if i was fit enough i'd do it myself for the 'mind' charity.

amazing, reminds me of Terry Richardson's work but more raw and compelling.

1. keep your eyes open! even if you’re in a relationship, be aware of who’s around you and what your options are. don’t live your life asleep at the wheel. I’m NOT saying you should cheat. not at all. just pay attention to the people who are attracted to you and friendships or relationships you could have. you are never trapped and it’s important to know you have options and are desirable.

2. how about you answer your FUCKING phone? I KNOW you can see your phone. i KNOW you know it’s me. I mean, you’re constantly checking it when we’re TOGETHER. i guess you just don’t wanna talk to me. and that’s FINE. as long as YOU’RE fine with the fact that YOU’RE DEAD TO ME. unless you’re busy working, then i totally get it and it’s fine. just call me back. xo

3. it’s ‘Asian’ when referring to people and ‘oriental’ when referring to objects you racist jerk!

4. don’t talk back to your boyfriend in public. It just looks ugly. it’s also an instant hard off and clitoral downer. Unless the dude is dangerous or threatening your life, keep it together, remain composed, PLUS you can always walk away. I love you.

5. one on one hangouts are much scarier than three people hanging out. i wish this wasn’t true, but it is.

6. go shopping alone. the chitty chatty banter causes you to use the clothing, or whatever merchandise you’re shopping for, to serve as a defense or distraction- and impulse buys are much more likely to occur. it’s YOUR wallet, but I’m warning you.

7. when real shit is happening, it’s time to drop the snarky front/facade and be a good person. call your friend back. forget the fight, or the petty differences the two of you have. in a perfect world, people would ALWAYS act the way they do after riots or an earthquake. they push the bullshit aside. if a friends/enemies/or acquaintances mom or dad dies, call them/visit them- even if you have NO IDEA what to say. bring flowers and martinelli’s apple cider. if you don’t like a person cuz you thinks they’re a nerd or a dork and it would hurt your cool to be seen with them, or they just get on your nerves- that’s FINE during the superficial rigmarole of the day to day…but if this said ‘dork’ was hurting (emotionally or physically) and needed someone to talk to, would you be able to drop the shit and be there? even though it’s not your ’job’?

8. going to target will ALWAYS make you happy.

9. there’s a difference between a vaginal ‘yeast’ infection and a ‘bacterial’ infection. know your body. don’t make assumptions. and for the love of god, see a gynecologist!

10. the next time a homeless person asks you for change (especially if he/she is wearing a better outfit than you) you could either give them some money OR do what I do and shout: “what do you expect me to do, give you my debit card? i don’t have any change! get a job you cardboard holding creep.” just giving you options. xo

Absolutely obsessed with her at the moment, I check her blog every day I think she's funny, intelligent, cute and bad ass which in my books= perfect!

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