Monday, September 28, 2009

What is all this...

For the first time in months I have come back to self doubting myself and giving up (well not quite yet) on everything that I ever hold close to me, family, friends, lovers, design...

After starting this Internship it's made me learn alot about myself that 1) I maybe not get on with others as I think...and 2) I always say the wrong thing.
After working by myself for years maybe I'm just finding it hard to try and break out of my comfort zone box and adapt to designs and writing the way I NEED to rather then the way I WANT to, it is only day four, hopefully I will grow and learn and love my time I have left there. Still praying to God that they keep me on and give me a full time placement as the thought of going back to nights and working weekends constantly after having time at somewhere I love doing will shatter everything...But, it is an amazing experience and it is just what I need to learn more things and take it as whatever happens happens.

It has made me become OBSESSED with fashion, not that I wasn't already but even more so now it's ridiculous, every blog, website, livejournal, facebook site I've been on I've just been memorized by fashion photography and the art form of it all, so much that I wish I was 18 again and just starting out deciding what I want to do!

If I wasn't so tired I'd post more, but LOVE!

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