Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I was supposed to...

dedicate my day to cleaning, packing, prepping, sourcing and filing but instead I have spent most of it in bed feeling dreadful and going on various, art and designs sites feeling inspired and possibly quite jealous of work and wonders that I've seen.

I went to sign up to the doctor yesterday (haven't been registered with one since I left Southampton!) and they want a utility bill and a passport photo, why? why? why? All I want is some pills to make me feel better and clear up my skin for fuck sake.

The receptionist was really rude too, I walked in and she just gave me evils and then laughed at me when I said I was returning back from University and needed a doctor? What's your problem?? Just 'cause you sit on your ass all day, taking calls from sick people and whining about your family doesn't mean you can't smile and be nice to some babe that walks into the surgery. I really just don't get rude people, people who look at another like shit and are just generally assholes. When I go for my appointments I might be just as rude back, unfortunately this is just not possible for me as I am way too polite and nice for my own good!

Anyways...Some images, links and people that have made me :), lol and :| today.

Me and my buddies having fun.

I think this is genius, so simple, so strong, so good.
Buy it here.

Mental, sadly the comments underneath this post state that the position was filled in May and that this is 'old news'


Amazinnnnnnnnnnnnnng, 215 £££!


I feel like such an idiot, in my previous post I posted some photographs from an amazing guy that I learnt about in college, Dash Snow only to recently look on his wikipedia to scan some more information about him, whereabouts, new material etc to find that he died on July 13th of this year due to a suspected drug overdose. Such a waste of an amazing and inspiring talented artist.

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